Drone Videography, Photography and Aerial Mapping

We can capture high quality aerial photographs and videos of your property or business. We have several solutions for Aerial and Ground Mapping procedures including Lidar Aerial / Ground Mapping.

Our aerial drone team is also available for inspection services and a variety of other aerial offerings, including insurance investigations for proof of fire and flood damage to property. Access to point cloud data for insurance companies to quickly and accurately decide on restorations values and procedures, and valuable information for emergency services during or after a disaster from fire, flood or earthquake.

The video or photos taken enable you to see details up-close like terraces or roof layout, while our aerial videos showcase the property and neighbourhood in stunning 360°HD Quality, giving great views of local hotspots like beaches, marinas or local beauty spots.

As a PCAA registered and approved drone operator, safety is always our top priority.  This begins with a pre-flight survey to check whether the location is suitable for operating our Drone, through to an on-site survey and risk assessment to highlight any potential hazards.  

We fly to strict regulations, ensuring any images/video we capture is done both legally and safely. Of course, we hold public liability insurance for up to £5M and our skilled pilots hold specific remote pilot qualifications.

Drones have become a fundamental element of field in the organization of events. Incorporate plans recorded with drones to the videos of your events makes these celebrations even more special day and hard to forget.

The use of drones for aerial filming of weddings, baptisms, business events ... can now be done at affordable prices for all interested people and companies.

They are also aimed to be used to immortalize sports competitions of any kind: cycling, surfing, climbing, skiing, motocross, rafting, canoeing, sailing, sports alone or collectively, and images of our favourite sports or leisure time.