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Frequently Asked Questions

While serving hundreds of clients each year, we’ve accumulated a shortlist

of the most popular FAQ queries, most typically asked by them all.

Q: How much will it cost?
Q: Can you scan outdoor areas as well as interior areas?
Q: Can I download the 3D VR Tour?
Q: What preparations do I need to make prior to the scanning?
Q: Do I still need to hire a normal 2D Photographer as well?
Q: How long will the whole process take?
Q: What about Floor Plans?
Q: Which Web Browsers are compatible with our 3D VR Tours
Q: Can you make a product for less "Tech Savvy" people?
Q: Do you shoot inside of cars for an Auto Dealership 3D Virtual Tour or 6K Photography Services?
Q: What are the benefits of 4K Aerial Photography Services for my property?
Q: What's usually the best time to shoot a property? Daytime or night time?
Q: Should we shoot our Vehicle Service Center as well?
Q: Why should I shoot my showroom for my auto dealership virtual tour?
Q: Do M² play a role in the cost of the 360 Virtual Tour For Real Estate?
Q: Are you prices competitive with any other Real Estate Photography Companies?
Q: Can we shoot a before and after of my Real Estate Listing if I'm renovating?
Q: Do you have any package deals for Real Estate Agents?
Q: Should I take down any personal photos or sensitive material in my home or Real Estate Listing?
Q: How long does it take to photograph my property with your 4K Aerial Photography Services?
Q: What type of cameras do your drones have to offer with your 4K Aerial Photography Services?
Q: Is it safe to be around when a drone is flying and operating 4K Aerial Photography Services?
Q: Can your drones fly at night and in any areas?
Q: Are your Aerial Photography Service drones capable of indoor flight?
Q: How do I put the 3D Virtual Tour into my website?
Q: How do I put the 3D VR Tour into my social media?
Q: Do the 3D VR Tours work on mobile devices?
Q: What is a Mattertag™ on a 3D VR Tour?