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Gyms, Spas And Fitness Centres

Traditional advertising strategies and discounted membership fees are only effective to a certain degree, and do not do enough to continually extend the reach of your gym. The key to the success of any gym is to get potential members in the door; to find a way to drive them to your gym.

Fitness enthusiasts take many factors into consideration before choosing to purchase a gym membership. More often than not, these potential members want to experience your Fitness Centre to see if your gym meets all their criteria. Our 3D VR Tour, 4K Aerial Photography and 6K HD Videography, make it increasingly easy and affordable for prospective members to gain full access to your gym virtually from the comfort of their computer, ultimately aiding in their decision to choose your fitness centre.

Aside from the first-person walkthrough style experience, our 3D VR Tour, 6K HD Photography provide your gym with features that cannot be captured with a simple photograph. Things such as:

 Interactive custom buttons that allow you to integrate visual media, and introduce your personal trainers.

 Info boxes which can display your juice bar menu and prices.

 Custom slides which can be linked to pages that contain information regarding supplements,

schedule of available workout classes, promotional events, and weight watching groups.

Immerse yourself in the Demo Spaces below to see all the advantages you have

by choosing an 3D Space for your project ...