Allow Your Visitors To Step Back In Time By Giving Them The Chance Of Stepping Into The Future

Historic Sites and Cultural Events

A virtual tour is an excellent way for visitors to discover historic buildings and monuments, wherever they are in the world. Hosting a virtual tour on your website makes your building or monument accessible to more people, as distance is no longer an obstacle to enjoying a tour there.

The essence of any Historic site interpretation and exhibit is creating powerful, intriguing stories – told effectively by visual storytelling.

Successful Historic Site curators fully understand and apply this concept. When creating site visitor experiences, it pays to tap into all the available human senses like sight, sound, touch, taste and smell (when relevant).

How this is best done will also relate to how well you know your Historic Site visitor markets. Most markets young and old will welcome imaginative opportunities for interactivity and participation.

While still retaining its sense of purpose and authenticity, the ultimate aim of a historic site is to in

some way capture people’s imaginations or evoke a response.

Immerse yourself in the Demo Spaces below to see all the advantages you have

by choosing an 3D Space for your project ...