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What are the timescales involved?


Depending on the service chosen, your tour can be delivered back to you within 24 hours from the time of shooting ...This is of course dependent on the complexity of the shoot and the post editing required.


The process is outlined below ...



Book The Dates


We work out a date range that is suitable for both parties and arrange the time of the work to be done. We need to allow for weather conditions of course and lighting conditions are vital as well. We can guide you in all these aspects so dont panic



Do The Shoot


Our Team of Photographers and Drone Pilots will arrive and set up the equipment ready for the shoot. We will aim to keep as close to the schedule as possible, but we could overrun on time sometime so please be aware of that possibility



Edit & Production


Once the footage has been shot, our editors and graphic designers will start to do their magic of your project, enhancing any footage or shots that need it and arrange dubbing and talkovers if required. Its well worth the effort and time ...



Deliver To You


"Its a Wrap" The project is complete and now just needs checking against the original brief, to make sure we have made movie magic for you. Each set of photos, each Drone Video and each 3D Vr Tour is chec.ked so you are given is perfect for you ..