Viewing Requirements

You need an internet connection and a web browser that supports WebGL to run a 3D Virtual Space. If you are having difficulty in viewing any of our tours, please check all the details below for a fix.


You can check if your browser supports WEB GL by clicking the image below





Operating System & Hardware

In general, use the most recent device available. Devices with lower specifications may work but are not guaranteed to offer a good experience. Always keep your device up to date.


Windows (PC): Windows 10 or later, GPU, and at least 8 GB of RAM. 2 GB or above video memory recommended.
Mac: OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or later, GPU, and at least 8 GB of RAM. 2 GB or above video memory recommended.
iOS: iOS 9.0 or later. Hardware: iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air series, iPad Mini Retina 2 or later, or iPad 4.
Android: Varies due to the wide variety of manufacturers and Android versions. In general, a device with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later with Chrome and WebGL.


Web Browsers

Always update your browser to the latest stable version.


Chrome: Version 59 or later - Enter chrome://version in the omnibar to see your current version.
Safari:    Version 9 or later - Open Safari. In the top menubar, click Safari and then About Safari.
Firefox:    Version 54 or later - Enter about:support in the URL bar to see your current version.
Edge:    Version 15 or later - Select More ... in the upper-right corner, and then select Settings.

Look for your version under About this app.
Opera:    Version 45 or later - Open a new tab. Enter about in the URL bar.
Internet Explorer:  Version 11 or later - Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button (or the Help button if you’re using IE 8) and then choose About Internet Explorer.


Did you disable WebGL?

For most users WebGL is on by default. You may have disabled WebGL by accident. Follow the steps for your browser to make sure WebGL is enabled.

After you verify that WebGL is turned on, then quit the browser, relaunch, and reopen the page with 3D Virtual Space.


Type chrome://settings into the omnibar. Press Enter.
Search for hardware acceleration and enable it. 
Optional: Go to chrome://flags and enable "WebGL Draft Extensions" and "WebGL 2.0 Prototype". (Not necessary for most users).

In the top menu bar, go to Safari > Preferences > Security
In "Web content" section check the Allow WebGL box
Refresh the page with 3D Showcase.
If you have Safari 11 or newer, when you visit a website that requires WebGL for the first time, you should be asked if you want to trust it. More info, please see Apple's help page. 

Type about:config into the URL bar. Press Enter.
Search for webgl.disabled
Double click to make sure it is set to false.

Go to about:config
In the search bar, search for the term "hardware"
Make sure the "Use hardware acceleration when available" checkbox is checked