Your Partner In 3D Digital Technology

Virtual Staging and CGI Rendering

 We can take your Empty or New Development property and

Virtually Stage or Furnish it, turning your idea into reality ... 



90% of buyers start looking online where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer's interest.



83% of staged properties sell for the asking price or above.



Fill your listing with stylish furniture which allows buyers to visualise themselves in the home.



Homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not.




Examples of Our Virtual HD Furniture Staging Techniques


Simply Click on the divider and drag it froside to side to view before and after images



HD Virtually Staged from supplied Flat HQ Images

Prices from €40.00 plus IVA Per Image

Examples of Our Virtual HD Renovation 



Simply Click on the divider and drag it froside to side to view before and after images



HD Virtually Renovated from supplied Flat HQ Images

Prices from €80.00 plus IVA Per Image

Flat 2D Virtually Staged HD Image from supplied 2D Architect's

Drawings Prices from €150.00 plus IVA Per Image

3D Virtually Staged Property Video

from supplied 2D Architect's Drawings & Combined into a Walkthrough Video
Prices start from €600 plus IVA

( 1 Min Video)

Walking VR 3D Model Standard Quality

Prices start from €690 plus IVA per 100m² (Internal Only)

Click on the "Play" symbol in image below to load the Demo Model.

Once loaded you can navigate around the property using your

mouse or finger (if on a mobile) by clicking anywhere on the page


* Please note this is a large file and could take to time to stream on your mobile  device.

Any images can be extracted from the main model and inserted into an Image Gallery on your website or used for other marketing materials ...

  • 3A_Bathroom_Area_2.jpg
  • 3A_Bathroom_Area_1.jpg
  • Front_1.jpg
  • 3A_Bathroom_Area_3.jpg
  • 3A_Bathroom_Area_4.jpg
  • Front_3.jpg
  • 3A_Bedroom_Area_4.jpg
  • 3A_Bedroom_Area_3.jpg
  • Front_7.jpg
  • 3A_Bedroom_Area_2.jpg
  • 3A_Bedroom_Area_1.jpg
  • Front_4.jpg
  • 3A_Kitchen_Area_3.jpg
  • 3A_Bedroom_Area_5.jpg
  • Front_6.jpg
  • 3A_Kitchen_Area_1.jpg
  • 3A_Kitchen_Area_2.jpg
  • Front_2.jpg
  • 3A_Living_Area_3.jpg
  • 3A_Living_Area_2.jpg
  • Front_5.jpg
  • 3A_Living_Area_1.jpg

A VR Walking Tour is a simulation of property using 3D Virtual Reality Technology.

Simply stated, it is a 3D Model that you can walk through, but produced only

from 2D Architects Plans and Engineers Drawings.

It is different from a Virtual 360° Tour which is created from panoramic images.

What's included in a 3D Walking Tours:

 3D Floorplan from the top view

Giving you an overview of your property layout.

 3D Model of each room

You can turn around, zoom in or out, walk across using mouse, keyboard or VR Headset

 Room Navigation

A menu so you can switch from living room to bathroom or kitchen or any room in the tour quickly without following natural footstep

 Embedded Music and Video

Enhance the tour experience of your potential clients with combination of

view and sound and show a real video playing on the TV !

 Programmed movement flow

If you want to set an automatic movement on 3D Walking Tours instead of moving your fingers, you can use a default walkthrough flow

 Add-in features 

An option to change materials of your furniture

(floor tile, wardrobe, cupboard….)